Building the Confidence to Set Your Smile Free

Our Mission


In a world of uncertainty and doubt, one thing is universally recognized and loved: our smiles. Jemz® on-the-go chewable teeth whitening treatment puts your pearly whites’ front and center, and gives you the strength to let it shine.


We were tired of getting satisfactory results using other affordable at home teeth whitening treatments. Strips, gels, trays, and lights just weren’t giving us the results we wanted. The sensitive gums and inconvenient products weren’t worth it – so, we created our own.

We thought, “What would be the easiest and most convenient way to whiten our teeth?” Then a lightbulb went off – a chewable treatment.

From there, we went on to create the world’s most convenient teeth whitening treatment. 

The result was Jemz – a uniquely formulated all natural whitener that not only effectively brightens teeth, but also gives you fresh breath and promotes gum health.

Our product is one of a kind, providing more benefits than alternative whitening solutions, while being just as affordable.

And, it’s as easy as chewing!

Teeth whitening maintenance is another advantage that sets Jemz apart from other teeth whiteners. Since teeth discoloration is commonly caused by superficial stains (coffee, cola, wine, smoking, and medication), it requires regular maintenance to keep them white and bright.

Jemz Chewable Teeth Whitening Treatment solves these problems, and delivers, for the first time, a bona fide teeth whitening treatment in an easy-to-use chewable form that can be used discretely anytime, anywhere. And, Jemz is the only Teeth Whitening Treatment completely devoid of gum and teeth sensitivity. We believe that Jemz Chewable Teeth Whitening Treatment effectively addresses this need of “instant gratification”, “portability”, and at the same time provides the additional health benefits in gum treatment.

White Teeth, Fresh Breath, Healthy Gums. Now That’s Something To Smile About!​


Chewable Teeth Whitening Treatment
16 Treatments Box


Each chewable treatment includes 2 pieces of carefully formulated gum, designed to whiten teeth up to 5 shades on the first use. Made with natural, professional grade ingredients, Jemz whitens teeth, freshens breath and promotes gum health without pain or sensitivity. Includes 16 Treatments.

Ingredients: Xylitol, gum base, maltitol, sodium bicarbonate, carbamide peroxide, natural and artificial flavors, maltitol syrup, silicone dioxide, glycerin, citric acid, titanium dioxide (COLOR), gum arabic, sucralose, soy lecithin, carnauba wax, FD&C Blue No. 1. *Contains Soy