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You simply Chew, Swish, Whiten, It’s that simple!

It is perfectly safe to swallow the active solution.

JEMZ is safe to use daily. When used as directed, teeth whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide, are carefully crafted to remove extrinsic and intrinsic stains safely. Extrinsic stains are caused by food, beverage and tobacco consumption over time; intrinsic stains are caused by tooth trauma, excessive fluoride, medications and aging.

Our patented formulation, patent number US 11, 110, 045 B2 was carefully developed to not cause teeth or gum sensitivity while effectively whitening your teeth.

We recommend using JEMZ once daily until your desired whitening is achieved. 3 to 5 shades may be realized on your very first treatment. Once your desired whitening is achieved simply use JEMZ as desired to keep your teeth white.

Yes! Jemz chewable whitening treatment uses hydrogen peroxide, the same key enamel-safe ingredient used by dental professionals. Jemz also uses a time release baking soda to activate and super boost the whitening action.

After a JEMZ treatment there is no need to wait before eating or drinking your favorite beverage.

There is no evidence that JEMZ is harmful to use when pregnant or nursing. However, we recommend consulting with your healthcare professional before use.

JEMZ will not harm dental work including veneers, caps, fillings, partials, gold, composite bonding, laminates or any other restorations.

JEMZ are not intended for use in children under the age of 12, and we have not conducted research on usage for this age group. Please consult your health care provider. 

JEMZ Smile is the world’s first and only patented teeth whitening treatment utilizing peroxide (+ whitener) and time release baking soda (- activator) in a chewable form. Unlike gels, trays, strips, light systems and expensive and painful professional dentist whitening treatments, JEMZ can be used anytime and anywhere without Sensitivity.  Jemz Smile whitens teeth, freshens breath and promotes healthy gums. You simply Chew, Whiten, Smile. It’s that simple!

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